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Take All Benefits of Caviar and Enjoy a Worthy Luxury Life Style

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    caviar benefitsCaviar is a dense mass of life eggs with nutrient elements producing life: nature treasure.

    The Persians used the word “chav-jar” which translates loosely to “cake of power” or “piece of power”. Persians would eat it medicinally, to give them energy and stamina.

    What is Caviar?

    The so called jewel of the sea: Caviar is basically the roe of the female sturgeon (a prehistoric fish), a large, migratory fish that has roamed the cold waters of the northern hemisphere for over 250 million years- they were around when dinosaurs roamed the earth!  Although it is a saltwater fish, it spawns (lays eggs) in freshwater. There are 24 major species that mainly live in the Caspian Sea.

    Where from?

    Sturgeon is found mainly in the Caspian Sea, which laps the shore of the two major caviar-producing countries in the world, Russia and Iran, but is also found in the Black Sea, some parts of the Pacific Northwest and South Atlantic regions of North America, and is common in the big lakes and rivers in Europe.

    What does it bring to us?

    Caviar is basically the embryo of new life. Grains of caviar possess tremendous energy and nutrient potential. They contain: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, vitamins D, A, E, F and microelements. When the wealth of caviar’s nutrients penetrates into your skin, it affects virtually all of its vital functions. The components of caviar are well absorbed without allergic reactions because of the similar structure.

    Caviar is a fully energetic product. Caviar is actually a dish comprised of fish eggs, making it an excellent rich source of omega fats as well as protein. Taking account of the caviar nutritional information it’s easy to understand that is a worthy luxury include it in your diet as much as you can afford: it’s great for the muscles as well as the skin, and the essentials of the omega oils are great for the health of your heart.

    Anyway the health benefits of caviar are now being utilized by health and beauty spas as a topical solution to promote younger, healthier skin.

    Caviar facials are really giving women brighter complexions, less lines around the eyes and forehead and erasing the deep depressions that occur at the corners of the mouth.

    The anti-aging proteins and omega fatty acids found in caviar are mashed and refined to combine with other components for facials and cleansing formulas. It repairs skin that has been damaged by the ultra-violet rays of the sun, reduces dark spots and softens the skin.

    Valuable Nutrients of Caviar

    • Omega 3 and Omega-6 fatty acids

    You can get your daily source of fatty acids from caviar. Omega-3 contains EPA and DHA that can control production of essential hormones. This can trigger the release of beneficial hormones that can repair damaged skin tissues and promote regeneration of collagen. These fatty acids also prevent cellular inflammation, one of the leading causes of dermis aging.

    These acids also improve body functions by thinning the blood naturally to lower blood pressure and protect the main arteries. In addition to that, these nutrients can also improve memory functions.

    • Vitamin A and Vitamin E

    Both these vitamins are essential for young looking skin. Vitamin A is needed to correct damaged skin tissues. Vitamin E moisturizes the skin deeply to counteract excessively dry dermis condition. These vitamins bring our skin antioxidant benefits: so you can have youthful and supple aspect longer.

    These nutrients can improve dermis elasticity. That being said, they can help prevent the premature appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. They also prevent the erosion of skin tissues so you are less likely to experience saggy dermis.

    Why Caviar Creams are so appreciated natural facial skin care products?

    This jewel of the sea has been known and appreciated for its rich nutritive components for hundreds of years. Added to skin care products offers a wealth of Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Phospholipids, Nucleic Acids and Water. These ingredients hydrate, nourish the skin, and intensify the processes inside the skin cells   caviar-for-skinto slow down the skin aging process. A complete spectrum of nutritive ingredients is available due to our extraction method which permits the utilization of both hydro-soluble and lipid-soluble vitamins.

    The legendary idea of stopping the process of aging is for thousands of years. Druids and medicine men as well, have spent years and years trying to find a “fountain of eternal youth”. Even though it was not found yet as a consequence of the intense scientific research now a day we have many products being very close to it; a good example the anti-aging caviar products.

    Why caviar anti-aging is so effective?caviar-facials

    What makes Caviar and other products from the sea really special is that they have a cell structure very similar to the humans’.

    Like human skin, Caviar is roughly 50- 70 % water, with a similar structure of lipids and other trace elements. With a cell format similar to human skin, caviar extract penetrates into skin quickly to restore and support natural functions of the skin in the best possible way. Skin regeneration is stimulated to trigger a cycle that helps reduce superficial lines and wrinkles and produce smoother skin texture: natural production of collagen is also stimulated and in time, skin will attain a firmer appearance. Products with a marine base are especially moisturizing.

     luxury life style One of the most outstanding aspects is a light moisture-retaining film protects the skin against external effects such as UV radiation, the climate, dehydration and pollution.


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