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How Can I Get a Glowing Face Helping the Planet?

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    benefits for lifeAre you worrying about the first signs of maturity in your skin?
    Are you also a person who cares about the welfare of the Earth and Mother Nature?
    Here you are going once again to discover a real nature treasure: Argan oil.
    It comes for Morroco and brings a long endearing history.

    Short(ened) History of Argan oil
    In the antiquity the whole area of North Africa was plenty of argan-tree. Nowadays it remains only a reduced area of approximately 28.000 hectares which was converted in a reserve of biosphere under UNESCO protection.
    Over 3,500 years later, the women of Morocco are still regularly using this precious oil to their faces, bodies, nails, and even their hair, they apply it on their small children delicate skin… because they know what the rest of the world has just started to discover in the last 15 years:they still use old natural skin care recipes.
    Argan oil is the result of a laborious manual process still very fruits a tree called Argania Spinosa. It proceeds from the arid and semi-arid regions of south-west of Morocco. Only certain aspects of argan oil production have ooilne and only argan been modernized to refine it and higher the quality of the oil: the ones  related to removing impurities that would otherwise cause the oil to degrade and go rancid. The rest of the process  it’s still being made today using the same traditional methods that date back to 1550 B.C. when the Phoenicians of Morocco are first recorded as using it as a beauty oil.
    After the fruit kernels are sifted through for quality by the women then there are cold-press  by machine to extract the precious golden oil.  In some cases, Berber women extract the oil by hand grinding as well.  However, the 100% Pure Golden Argan Oil comes only from the special cold-press machine; this is the way to extract the maximum amount of pure oil while ensuring that impurities don’t enter the oil to degrade it.
    Just for a single liter of argan oil, it takes a single tree’s full season of fruit and over 2 days of manual labor… we have to recognize why it is so very precious: it is a gold treasure.
    It is collected by hand and takes forty kilos of fruits to obtain one litre of oil, about sixteen hours of work.

    Glow skin Benefits
    We are talking about a treasure: natural Argan Oil. There are very important both in diet and cosmetics. About diet benefits you can find more information in this article.
    In cosmetics Remember it was the beauty oil: the secret of the healthy glowing skin, the eternal youth elixir. It is especially appreciated for its high performance in cellular renewal: it is highly recommended for skin, nails and hair care for adults and children as well, including the new burnt.
    Argan oil hydrates, nourishes, regenerates, protects, and smooths the skin of your face and body. It regenerates cells, strengthens hair and the nails. It is also effective in softening the visible traces of acne, spots, stretchmarks, burns etc.

    Hair Care:
    For dry and delicate hair, perm, dull or colored hair: nourishes, hydrates, softens, and smoothes even the most damaged, out-of-control hair. It is highly recommendable to use it as a mask left for 2 hours before shampooing. Your hairoil for tha skin becomes flexible and glossy.

    Anti-Age Face Skin Care:
    Used during the day and night the oil regenerates your skin, moisturizes and prevents early signs of aging increased by the external factors such as the sun, bad weather, the stress, etc. It is suitable for all types of skins. It makes wonders on wrinkles, dry and stretched skin.

    Nails Care:
    Argan Oil also strengthens breakable or double nails. Due to its valuable nutrients that help to strengthen brittle nails and soften cuticles, for more young looking hands.

    Body Care:
    When used as a massage oil it hydrates, nourishes and softens the skin. It will also prevent the loss of elasticity.

    Newborns and Infants massage:
    Due to the rich chemical composition is a good moisturizing solution and the disinfecting properties give a good protection to their delicate skin.

    Acne Skin Care:
    Acne is produced by overproduction of sebum that clogs your pores thereby causing acne. This oil controls the production of sebum and naturally reduces the occurrence of acne in your skin. It also helps in elimination of scars associated with it: it’s a real benfit for youth.

    The Oil has been turned into modern day cosmetic use: we can find pure oil, day and night cream, shower gel, shampoo, soaps and body scrubs.

    Community Benefits
    I love this project and talking about it as well: support the women to emancipate the whole community and preserve the environment.
    It is a simple but marvelous idea: it works for several years.
    It is supported by the same government, The European Unionand other international organizations collaborating also with UNESCO in a perfect symbiosis. The social project created to support women and local communities are involved in a wide environment protection program.
    Remember that Argania became a biosphere reserve.
    It was created a daring plan to create jobs and empower Berber women over the whole community converting the argan oil production in real benefits for life.
    There were created co-operatives providing women with an income, which many have used to fund education for themselves or their children. It has also provided them with a degree of autonomy in a traditionally male-dargan oil skin benefitsominated society and has helped many become more aware of their rights.
    These Fair Trade Cooperatives empower rural women with future business development opportunities also: all around the production of argan-related products.   This helps to prevent the migration of rural women and their families into the cities by making it economically viable for them to remain in their own communities.
    The success of the argan co-operatives has also encouraged other producers of agricultural products to adopt this model.

    *  As well, these cooperatives, controlled and owned by the Berber women, work in partnership with UNESCO to support the preservation of the biosphere reserve, which protects the Argania Spinosa tree. A very important aspect related to the environment protection is reforestation promotion. So it makes sure this natural resource will be available as a source of income, food, and fuel for generations to come.
    Furthermore maintaining the forest, these cooperatives are helping to slow the desertification of Africa, holding back the encroaching desert.
    The Argan tree provides food, shelter and protection from desertification. The tree has deep roots which help prevent desert encroachment. The canopy of the argan tree also provides shade for other agricultural products and its leaves and fruit provide food for animals.
    The argan tree also helps landscape stability, helping to prevent soil erosion, providing shade for pasture grasses and helping to replenish aquifers.
    *  Source: Wikipedia

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    Skinception™, will promote the ongoing use of this anti-aging and healing miracle oil, supporting the industry, and most important, supporting the Berber Women’s Fair Trade Cooperatives: that’s why we’re excited to give you this opportunity to try our Skinception™ Cold Pressed Cosmetic Argan Oil at the fairest price, RISK FREE for 90 days!


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    meeting-pointHave you ever  tried Argan Oil in your diet or skin? Please, tell us your impression.

    Have you ever tried Skinception? Tell us how efficient it is.

    Do you like this marvelous project approach of  Bereber Women emancipation and how important is for that community?


                                                               Knowledge, at Wprk!

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