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11 Benefits of Strawberries to Get a Glowing Face

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    foods for healthy skinAre you worrying about healthy food generally? Are you of those who have decided to join the new wave of healthy eating to help our quality of life and make us happier? It is one of the most delicious foods for healthy skin. It is always a good option  will make you get a glowing face.

    Strawberries are fleshy, juicy and sweet fruits. They are very attractive to children and adults for its heart shape and deep red color.
    Strawberries are a false fruit of the strawberry plant derivative of wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca), native to the Alpine region. The strawberries -strawberry considered a variety- comes from two American species (California and Florida) who mixed his arrival in Europe in the 15-th century.
    Strawberry is a herbaceous plant of the Rosaceous family. Actually what is known as strawberry are the receptacles of the flowers, which are inserted the true fruits of the plant: the small yellow grains inside which are the seeds. Therefore we say that the strawberry is a false result.
    Strawberry color is due to a plant pigments known as anthocyanins which act as powerful antioxidants.
    The strawberries are a very sensitive and need permanent cold temperature for conservation of its appearance and nutritional properties. Therefore you should keep them in the refrigerator at about 4 ° C, and take them one hour before consumption in order to fully enjoy their virtues. Should not be washed or immersed in water until they are consumed. Nor is it advisable to withdraw the petiole before washing.
    Besides being one of the most colorful fruits (and intense aroma) provides greengrocers shelves, the strawberry is a food that provides the body with many benefits: in short, a little gem for health that has several varieties (Tioga, Douglas, Talisman, Salimas, Cambridge …)strawberries benefits for health
    Strawberry Health Benefits:
    1.  Diuretic and Antirheumatic: an infusion of the leaves help against uric acid, gout and arthritis.
    2.  Anti-inflammatory and Laxative: The same infusion of its leaves relieves inflammation of the intestines.
    3.  Anti Anemic: Its vitamin C and folate provide iron to the body. Ideal for kids at growth times.
    4. Revitalizer: minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C, has revitalizing properties.benefits of strawberry for skin
    5.  Helps lower Cholesterol: a large amount of sorbic acid, the lecticina and pectin that help eliminate bad cholesterol level in blood.
    6.  Anti-aging: due to anthocyanins and polyphenols along with plenty of vitamin C, strawberry is one of the  fruits with the highest antioxidant capacity.
    7.  Prevents Hypertension: contribution due to its low sodium and high potassium content.
    8.  Strengthens the Immune System: its high content of vitamins, especially Vitamin C, helps to increase resistance against possible infections and stimulates the formation of defenses)
    9.  Skin care: the skin condition improves with a cure of strawberries: because of the purifying effect of the highly diuretic properties; but also locally applied is effective.
    How to get a healthy skin: simply squeeze three or four pieces and place them on the face, then let them dry for half an hour. Than wash with warm water. In small alterations of the skin gives excellent results. You will get betterhealth benefits of strawberries- looking skin and much finer.
    10. Denture Care: prevents formation of plaque – if not taken with sugar. So they help keep gums healthy.
    11. Weight Loss: provides around 35 calories per 100 grams.

    Some Tips
    -When buying keep in mind that the quality of strawberries is due to its appearance: color, smoothness, brightness and regularity in size and maturity.
    – Do not keep too long, they are quite perishable fruits (heat, moisture transport and are their worst enemies, so easily damaged).
    -For best conservation: isolate them in the fridge (since the smell will spread easily to other foods) in a dry place that can spread as a source or shallow dish. If they are very mature and can hold 4 or 5 days.
    -Be sure to remove the tail always after washing. If you do not they will lose their flavor.
    -If they are tasteless, put a tablespoon of vinegar for every kilo of strawberries and let them marinate for an hour so, then adding sugar or preparation that you like.
    -Another trick to this same case (tasteless) is to add a splash of coffee extract: they get  a special flavor.

    Strawberries and History …
    In the XVI and XVII strawberries have been frequently used for the treatment of many maladies.
    * “Some Dr. Lit” pretended that the mixture of strawberry, quintessence of gold and pearls, taken as a beverage or local application, produced wonderful effects in leprosy.
    This favorable effect was explained by some aspect of the analogy between disease and fruit, for its healing properties on wounds and dysentery were derived. They added the dye-bright their juice (juice)
    The diuretic virtues of strawberries were exposed by an author of that time, who considered them able to break up stones. Another felt that the juice (juice) fruit very good for rashes and women freckles.
    * Dr. Champier advised never eat them as dessert but always as an appetizer. “The strawberries soften the belly, appease the thirst and relieve bilious stomachs too hot.
    * Dr.Van Swieten concerns have cured furious maniacs who refused all food and any medication for fear of being poisoned, making them eat every day for several weeks, up to 20 pounds of strawberries.
    Good effect has also been observed in certain cases of tuberculosis. If the strawberries not cure tuberculosis at least lessen the feverish heat that consumes these patients and is both a sweet and nice food.
    His usual spindle is recommended to prevent gout attacks, as well as people of sanguine or bilious attack of hemorrhoids or hypochondriacs.
    * The benefits of strawberries was tested in an illustrious patient: Linnaeus, the great botanist of the XVII century. He had long suffered from gout. During a very strong attack he decided to take strawberries to relieve it. Because it was not the season, could acquire them through the kindness of the Queen of Sweden.
    Immediately was relieved and so, for several years, the season of strawberries were eaten, getting great result. After a case so happy, almost all gout in Sweden followed suit.
    (If Linnaeus and gouty from Sweden who followed his example, have changed the way you eat, not only have improved his condition, but could see totally and permanently cured his disease.
    The “gout” – the ancients used to say, rightly- is the daughter of “good eating and idleness.” The gout is an acid- illness. Most of gout sufferers use to have a diet rich in meats well watered with alcohol.
    The strawberries are perfect cures indication in these patients. Strawberries are alkalizing: it has been calculated that a kilo of strawberries are the same power alkalizing than nine grams of sodium carbonate. For its richness in calcium and potassium provided by renal excretion of uric acid.strawberry health benefits
    * Since ancient times the efficiency is known about the beauty of the skin has strawberries baths. The strawberry water is recommended in small ulcerations and face beads.

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