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  • Practical Tips for Acne Skin Care -again

    ane-home-remediesHave you got Acne? Acne may be the scourge of adolescent years, but it can follow people into middle age and beyond.
    Acne is defined as a diseased condition of the skin that involves the hair and oil glands. It is characterized by pimples, black/white heads, reddishness and cysts. Face acne can spoil your appearance to a great extent and body acne can really ruin your day by making you very uncomfortable. Considering acne as a minor problem, some people tend to totally discard the topic of ‘Acne skin care’. However, the importance of ‘Acne skin care’ cannot be undermined in any way.
    Acne is really a catchall term for a variety of symptoms such as (more…)

  • Dry Skin Care III – 3 Homemade Masks

    homemade masksHave you got dry skin and you fancy from time to time seek an alternative to your usual treatment? From time to time do you look around at the fridge or pantry thinking about what you can do to pamper a little your face?
    Here you get very easy and funny recipes that will make you enjoy natural skin care solutions for your skin. Your skin will thank you and you will feel good. You will get a glowing skin to look a glowing face.

    1.Chocolate Homemade Mask for Dry Skinbenefits of chocolate on health
    We all know about the benefits of chocolate on health. Did you know that chocolate can be (more…)

  • How to Make a Homemade Mask to Remove Skin Stains -II

    stains on faceHave you looked in the mirror and suddenly you discover you have stains on the forehead, nose and cheeks? Want to see the possible causes and solutions?
    It is obviously important to know the causes that have produced those pesky spots and do everything possible to fight them, but the stains that have already appeared must be eliminated.
    As usual, we will discuss the most common causes: probably you might give a clue. Analyze your performance and decide if you need to change something or not. If you think you need, ask for specialized help.

      Common causes:
    Sun and Ultraviolet Radiation: sun exposure should (more…)

  • How Can I Get a Glowing Face Helping the Planet?

    benefits for lifeAre you worrying about the first signs of maturity in your skin?
    Are you also a person who cares about the welfare of the Earth and Mother Nature?
    Here you are going once again to discover a real nature treasure: Argan oil.
    It comes for Morroco and brings a long endearing history.

    Short(ened) History of Argan oil
    In the antiquity the whole area of North Africa was plenty of argan-tree. Nowadays it remains only a reduced area of approximately 28.000 hectares which was converted in a reserve of biosphere under UNESCO protection.
    Over 3,500 years later, the women of Morocco are still regularly using this (more…)

  • How to Treat Dry Skin-II- 4 Moisturizing Face Masks

    homemade masks for dry skinYou have dry skin and dehydrated, dull looking? I know that people like you have the greatest concern precisely the hydration, making the skin appear more radiant.
    Moisturizing masks say everything from its name: they are the perfect way to nourish and hydrate the delicate dry skin, helping it look otherwise, much more delicate and juicy and just more radiant.
    Home Remedies in that sense there really many: you’d be surprised to know how effective ingredients you can find in your fridge or pantry. Green tea, pumpkin, other vegetal match perfectly with olive oil for (more…)

  • Sensitive Skin Care – 3 Natural Face Masks

    moisturizer for sensitive skinYou are annoyed about your sensitive skin, aren’t you? I know it’s not an easy target that’s why I decided to give you some suggestions about the possibilities you have to find some natural remedies just in your fridge, poultry or garden.
    Sensitive and Fragile Skin Care
    Usually sensitive skin(link to aricle) is very thin and fragile to the touch and frequently shows irritation, burning sensation, burning, congestion, itching, eczema, or peeling.
    The last happens because skin loses more water transepidermal (water body) than other skin types.
    Sometimes, too, may have rosacea (cheeks, nose, cheeks and red fins vascular injury) due to the higher reactivity of the blood vessels and the (more…)

  • 5 Main Vitamins for Health-Healthy Foods for Healthy Skin

    diet for beautiful skinWe are what we eat, aren’t we? Do you believe it? Do you agree that our skin is a reflection of our general health?
    So we have a start point agreeing that between diet and skin there is a direct relation: what we eat has a deep effect on our outward appearance as well as on our physical well-being. An ideal diet should provide adequate quantities of all the nutrients essential to health and beauty. And don’t forget to nourish your mind!
    Nobody’s perfect, but I think gradually we all learn important things about what (more…)

  • Strawberries Benefits for Health: How Detox Your Body and Skin

    strawberries for skinDo you like Strawberries? What a question! Do you tolerate strawberries? You can enjoy their aspect (like a heart), their color, their perfume, their taste, their incredible qualities that can give you much more benefits than the simple “enjoy a delicious serving”.  Find out here how to detox your body with an easy diet and how to improve your skin aspect with super easy and refreshing masks.

    One of the most appreciated fruit from antiquity is the strawberry, little delight that stands out for its beautiful color, its intense flavor and excellent nutritional properties: a treasure of nature.

    In fact, it has more vitamin C than (more…)

  • 11 Benefits of Strawberries to Get a Glowing Face

    foods for healthy skinAre you worrying about healthy food generally? Are you of those who have decided to join the new wave of healthy eating to help our quality of life and make us happier? It is one of the most delicious foods for healthy skin. It is always a good option  will make you get a glowing face.

    Strawberries are fleshy, juicy and sweet fruits. They are very attractive to children and adults for its heart shape and deep red color.
    Strawberries are a false fruit of the strawberry plant derivative of wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca), native to the Alpine region. The strawberries -strawberry considered a variety- comes from two American species (California and Florida) who mixed his arrival in Europe in the 15-th century.
    Strawberry is (more…)

  • How to Make a Homemade Mask to Remove Skin Stains-I

    stains-on-faceYou look in the mirror and annoy about these unsightly stains on your face, on your neck?
    You look at your stained hands and you wonder how you have left those yellow spots and do not know what to do?
    The spots on the skin are quite more common than you imagine and can occur for many reasons: internal or external causes. On the one hand it is important to know the cause and remove tartar and secondly to do with the spots. We’ll talk about the most common causes that can give you a clue, analyze your performance and decide if you need to change something or not. If you think it’s needed, ask specialized support.

    Most common causes:
    can be produced by both (more…)